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Career journeys today are anything but linear, which means you are more in charge than ever before. Our paths are unique and ever-changing, but you’re in the driver seat, and we will help navigate your journey.

With over two decades of experience in human resources, Mary Humiston founded Modern Career with the mission to empower everyone to create their best career path. Using a “Know, Grow, Flow” framework, she aims to help the Modern Career audience know their strengths, motivations, passions, and goals, have a clear picture of the skills, opportunities, and connections they’ll need to grow and reach their goals, and create an action plan to flow into their next opportunity. She is the host of the Modern Career Podcast and collaborates with other thought leaders for the Modern Career blog, stories, and resources.


On our bi-weekly podcast, Mary covers a variety of work and career topics using her own expertise and interviews with other work and career experts.

Career Perspectives

Explore various work, career, and life topics that were introduced on the podcast and in our community.

Career Pointers

Build your career acumen with articles and resources curated by our team.

Career Stories

Dig into the stories of accomplished, influential, and interesting people for insights on how they navigated their journeys.

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