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Enabling people to reach their full human potential is our total passion.
We have the background, experience, and insider knowledge to guide you towards better knowing yourself,
what is possible and to continuously position yourself for success.

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A Modern Career coach can help you:

  • Make a career pivot to focus on what you really want and enjoy 
  • Clarify decisions about roles, transitions or job choices
  • Map the milestones toward achieving your goals, no matter how high they may be
  • Grow in capability areas needed to stay relevant
  • Take greater control of your life and career
  • Reduce stress and build resilience
  • Feel more fulfilled

Our Modern Career Coaches

All Modern Career coaches have received formal training in the field and have significant coaching experience across all levels of an organization, different company sizes and industries across the globe. They are all considered experts in guiding individuals through all aspects of career development.

Executive Coach

Mary Humiston, Executive Coach

I am the Founder of Modern Career and a former Chief Human Resources Officer.  I have a 30+ HR leadership career at some of the world’s leading companies.  I have worked in the US, Europe and Asia. I most recently was the Chief Human Resources Officer for Rolls Royce Plc based in London.  I am also a Senior Advisor to Accenture on Talent and Organization.

I specialize in 

  • leadership, 
  • executive coaching, 
  • professional & personal development, 
  • all aspects of career development

Many are ready to take the next step in their careers, businesses, or lives but don’t always know exactly what that is or how to do it. Others simply want to talk about their career path or considerations with an unbiased expert. 

I help enable individuals to find and excel at what’s next for them, guiding them through transitions while supporting them to enhance overall effectiveness. I’m confident I can help you help you make progress on positive, sustainable change.

I’ve coached individuals across all levels from those in earlier stages of their career to very senior executives and those transitioning into retirement. As we work together, I will recognize the importance of your unique experiences, backgrounds, and goals. 

I am extremely passionate about helping individuals reach and live their fullest human potential. I’d look forward to the opportunity to work together.

Career Coach

Mary Jordan, Leadership and Career Coach

I’ve worked as a human resources leader of global teams for over 20 years and my role nowadays is to support international leaders and their teams by providing coaching to help them to create positive change and achieve remarkable results in both their work and personal lives.  Integrity is at the core of coaching for me and I have a strong interest in helping leaders and teams operate with integrity to work and live in accordance with their values.

People say that I have a supportive pragmatic approach and that I intuitively challenge them to think outside-the-box and gain deeper insights to help them move towards their desired goals.   I like to learn new ideas and ways of working and I offer resources like tools, concepts, models, literature, reports and articles that help them reflect and gain insights into new ideas that helps them sustain the change and resilience beyond their coaching sessions.  

I began my new journey working as an independent consultant and Director of my own company in 2010 after a successful career with a global multinational business, Applied Materials, for twenty years and prior to that I worked with other SME’s.  My own personal career journey has helped me experience first-hand the rewards and challenges of leadership, building trusting relationships, transformation, building team capability, creating a culture of career development, developing high performing teams, leading change, increasing agility and resilience, increasing team competencies, building networks and team collaboration, creating a learning culture and driving innovative and continuous improvement initiatives.   I get great pleasure in living these experiences with my clients now and helping them to achieve their goals and successes.

I am qualified with diplomas in business and personal coaching, management and employee relations and therapeutic counselling. I am certified in team coaching and level A & B+ accredited by the British Psychological Society for occupational, personality and ability assessments, Innermetrix advanced profile assessment, Thomas International DiSC, emotional intelligence and 360 feedback and The Booth Company (now TruScore) for The Task Cycle® methodology supporting executive and leadership development and 360 feedback and I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation, British Psychological Society.

Career Coach

Melissa Lassor, Leadership and Career Coach

I believe that embracing the full range of our personal and professional potential requires compassion as well as commitment. 

Through guided introspection and supported implementation, my holistic approach helps clients negotiate a journey of transformational growth. Typical topics include: career transformation/growth; leadership development; improved communication; life balance; and the creative process. My relational coaching style is supportive but holds clients accountable as they: identify values and goals; silence inner critics; and unleash the power of their authentic identity.   

My methodology is informed by decades of experience in full-scope Human Resources, providing consulting and executive coaching for individuals and teams from diverse business environments such as global manufacturing; interdisciplinary architecture and engineering; and marketing and technology. 

*Certified through The Coaches Training Institute (CPCC) 

*Certified DiSC® Trainer and Administrator

Peak Performance Coach

Adam Wright, PhD, Peak Performance Coach

Do you want to perform optimally? Are you overwhelmed in work and in life?

I am an internationally recognized peak performance coach who specializes in the mental and physical conditioning of elite performers. I am also a peer reviewed author, university lecturer in sport and exercise psychology, executive coach, and speaker on optimal human performance. Over the past twenty years, I have coached high-level individuals and teams, including professional athletes, internationally acclaimed artists, CEO’s and hedge fund executives. I am an author, university lecturer in sport and exercise psychology, and speaker on optimal human performance. I received my Bachelor’s degree from LaSalle University, my Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Temple University, and Transformational Leadership & Executive Coach training from the University of Texas at Dallas Business School. I am also an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Offering: I offer a science-based, holistic approach to improve your overall performance in all aspects of work and life that focuses on cognitive, physiological, and emotional development. Our work together will include a review of current performance, habits, routines, practices and health with the goal to build a more measurable and sustainable system for your work and life. A key outcome of peak performance coaching is increasing flow states which can include greater focus, attention, energy, sleep, decision making, central nervous system operation for greater resilience for the road ahead. These new capabilities for greater peak performance will help you now and enable you to achieve your longer-term aspirations and potential.

This program will be the catalyst to guide you in the right direction, especially if you think you have no time.

About the program:
– Begin with a self-reflective survey that will be leveraged in your first session
– Includes four 50-minute sessions, every 2 weeks
– All sessions are on Zoom, with additional follow on exercises

Negotiation Coach

Melissa Hereford, Negotiation Coach

Your whole career is a negotiation. Negotiating in a variety of situations is a key career skill, and negotiating your compensation can have a significant compounding effect throughout your lifetime.

How do you begin to lay the groundwork for a future promotion, strategize your salary negotiation, or prepare to ask again after a past “no”?

Regardless of your professional level or background, I can help you to negotiate in a way that feels empowering and impactful. In a 50-minute session, we can cover your top concerns and I will provide strategies that you can employ immediately in your work and career.

I am a facilitator, consultant, writer and business coach with 24 years teaching corporate professionals to have more authentic and connected conversations. I have spent 18 years teaching communication and negotiation skills with industry leaders in the Fortune 500, including Cisco, Owens Corning, Honeywell, UPS and many others.

I know the power of negotiating well and I look forward to working with you.


Marc Barghash (MH)

“Mary Humiston & Modern Career were instrumental in my career search. I was facing many challenges, reentering the workforce following a full time MBA program with the desire of switching industries. Speaking with Mary through coaching sessions gave me the confidence and strategy to land an amazing opportunity with Dexcom. Fast forward one year, I have been promoted to Senior Supply Chain Analyst and am working in a role I have passion for.”
-Marc Barghash, Sr. Supply Chain Analyst, Dexcom

Tommy G (MJ)

“Mary Jordan is an amazing executive coach and career coach and I highly recommend her. She helped me tremendously as I went through a big transition in my career. She wasn’t just a coach but acted as a mentor, consultant and advisor throughout. Mary adapted to my needs and was incredibly supportive. I’m so excited for the future and it wouldn’t have happened without Mary’s help, skill and experience.”
-Tommy G.

Maggie F (ML)

“Before working with Melissa Lassor, I cycled from hard-won successes into defensive, self-sabotaging behaviors that undercut my effectiveness and credibility. Melissa listened intently, acknowledged my pain and frustration, and then invited me to commit to an open and honest dialogue… with myself. Our coaching relationship helped me develop far greater insight into and compassion for myself (and others), enhancing my life.”
-Maggie F., Writer and strategist

Sara B (MeH)

"Melissa helped me do something I’d never had the confidence to do before: negotiate after receiving a job offer that was fair, but below what I felt good about accepting. She gave me just enough guidance to get to the point where I had an approach that was effective while still using my own words and my own voice."
-Sara B., User Experience Manager

Sarita (MH)

“Mary Humiston is an excellent executive coach! Her authentic, warm style, vast experience and perspective were invaluable to me as I navigated career advancement decisions. She masterfully guided me through clarity of purpose, strategic approach, thought provoking questions with incredible support. I am forever grateful. Look no further for impactful coaching to unlock your best! Thank you Mary!”
-Sarita R.D., Senior Consultant

Marcus M (MJ)

“I would not hesitate to recommend Mary Jordan as an executive coach to a colleague. She helped me to identify my goals and supported me in achieving them. Her style is highly pragmatic and was tailored to suit my individual circumstances with a good balance between coaching and practical application. Her approach suited my business needs and helped me to contextualize and support changing my behaviours. The coaching consulting process was excellent and in addition to coaching she provided me with mentoring and consulting support when requested. The resources provided really helped me to sustain my learning throughout the coaching program and I will continue to sustain my learning beyond the actual coaching sessions. I particularly appreciated the focus on practical application, which was often supported through Mary Jordan’s own business experience.”
-Marcus M., Global HR Leader

Paula H (ML)

“Many Senior Leaders and Executives work so hard and fast that one day they wake up and do not realize how they got where they are or even if they want to be there. That was my story in 2016. I was one of the only female executives in a mid-size, international professional-services consulting organization. Being a senior leader in a male-dominated organization for 14 years, I felt I lost a piece of myself and my voice, and I did not know how to get either back. That is when I sought out Melissa Lassor as an Executive Coach. Melissa is an exceptional Coach. Her deep listening skills and non-judgmental, caring, and gentle approach allowed me to consider the possibilities, what brings me joy, and what I am no longer willing to accept. She provides the necessary tools with a focus on accountability. This gave me the strength and courage to walk away and leave this organization with grace and gratitude. As we continued our coaching relationship, Melissa offered exercises for intensive self-reflection that let me become crystal clear and intentional about my next role and the organizational culture and values that I am most aligned with. Because of this work with Melissa, I am not only a better leader today with an emphasis on conscious leadership, but I am true to myself.”
-Paula H., VP – People & Culture

Serena L (MeH)

"Melissa Hereford helped me get the best offer of my life. I used her advice to research compensation packages for my experience and skill set, then how to talk with the recruiter to get the maximum package. I never would have had the courage or the strategy to do this on my own."
-Serena L., Senior Product Manager

Alex M (MH)

“I worked with Mary Humiston in the winter of 2019. Our work focused on transitioning my career after completing my MBA. I highly recommend her as a career coach. She was invaluable in providing direct, pertinent, and actionable advice that led me to find a more fulfilling career path.”
-Alex M.

Amy J (ML)

“I have worked with Melissa Lassor for over 20 years as both a business partner and while she served as my professional coach. She continues to be my go-to resource if I need to discuss a difficult personnel situation or need a sounding board to decipher a challenging business problem. I have come to respect and count on the fact that her perspective will always be fair and thoughtful. She isn’t afraid to be direct and completely honest with me, she asks the hard questions and encourages me to find my own answers. She has been a key influencer in helping me develop my business strategies and how best to optimize the talent in my organization. I don’t make referrals often in my professional life and yet I find myself time and time again sending coaching referrals her way.”
–Amy J., Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader

KS (MeH)

"Before I worked with Melissa Hereford, I hoped that I would be recognized for the work I was doing. Working with Melissa, I made a proposal to a new hiring manager to get the job, the title and the pay raise! Melissa shifted my view on how I was going to approach the situation at work. I got insights that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with on my own. I was able to be calm in the moment, feel confident, able to be curious and listen…these were all things that helped me go into multiple situations and meetings where I was negotiating or trying to figure out the lay of the land. I felt confident after working with Melissa."

-K.S., Promoted from Principal Planner to Director

Dale D (ML)

“My coaching experience and journey with Melissa Lassor has been life-altering – both professionally and personally – in so many transformative ways that I could never have imagined when we first talked. They say that people come into your life at different points in time that can have an indelible impact. Melissa is one of those people. I will be forever grateful to her for the expert – yet personable, kind, and insightful – coaching she skillfully utilized in our sessions that helped me become a better leader, peer, employee, and person in general. As one example, I will always remember the coaching discussion about the ‘Hero, Villain, and Victim’ and how Melissa helped me recognize and break a 25-year debilitating cycle of ups-and-downs that formed and negatively impacted my professional and personal life. Melissa was the flashlight and ladder I needed when I found myself trapped in a self-imposed dark hole. My coaching learnings from working with Melissa over the past 6 months are embedded; and they will allow me to continue my individual self-improvement journey to become the best version of myself: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.”
-Dale D., Senior Vice President & General Manager

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What Should You Expect From Us?

You should expect total confidentiality and a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which to express yourself. You should expect your coach to deeply listen and be honest and direct with their observations, while encouraging and supporting your goals.

What are the Next Steps?

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Match with a Modern Career coach

When you book, we’ll ask you to answer a reflection question. We will match you to a Modern Career coach who will review your notes so they can prep. We love what we do and look forward to meeting with you.

Get Connected

You’ll meet via Zoom for a session customized to your needs and goals. Go ahead, ask anything and everything on your career.

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How many sessions should I purchase?

If this is your first time working with a coach or working with Modern Career, we recommend starting out with one session. If you’d like to purchase a package, you can schedule your first session and the coach you are matched with will provide their calendar so you can book your remaining sessions. Please note that some of our specialized coaches only offer programs, or bundles, so you may not be able to book a single session.

How do I prepare for a session?

It’s great to have a specific goal for the session in mind. When you book, we’ll ask you a question to help your coach understand your unique context and goals. Continue to reflect on the topic you would like to discuss and how your coach can best support you.

What if I need to reschedule the session I booked?

Understandably with busy schedules, things can change. You are able to reschedule within the calendar any booked session with a 48-hour or greater notice.

If you have any other questions, email us at

“Career success is not a matter of luck, but an intentional, focused effort over time.”

-Mary Humiston