Episode 41: A Chief People Officer Perspective with Pat Wadors

In this episode, Mary connects with Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer of UKG.  Mary and Pat discuss how the challenges we all have can lead to new strengths, the importance of never letting people define you, and Pat’s version of the Goldilocks principle as it relates to navigating your career and so much more.

Episode 39: A Chief People Officer Perspective with Mark Green

In this episode, Mary connects with Mark Green, a Chief People Officer based in San Francisco with 30 years of global HR experience in Technology. He is currently CPO at Nextiva, a high growth private SaaS company providing communications and customer management solutions. Mary and Mark discuss the larger forces that play a role in the trajectory of your career path, why character traits are just as important as what you deliver, insight into successfully living and working cross-culturally and much more.

Episode 35: Move to the Edge, Declare it Center with Everett Harper 

In this episode, Mary connects with Everett Harper, a CEO, entrepreneur, strategist and author of the new book, Move to the Edge, Declare it Center, which offers a pragmatic take on solving complex problems and making decisions through uncertainty and offers leaders a new framework for success in an increasingly uncertain, and unpredictable world.

Episode 34: A Chief People Officer Perspective with InaMarie Johnson 

In this episode, Mary and InaMarie discuss the importance of making connections outside of both your company and industry, how to navigate your career well in our new context, why you need to focus on what you want and not what other people think you should want, why personal growth is everything and much more. 

Episode 33: From Paycheck to Purpose with Ken Coleman  

In this episode, Mary connects with Ken Coleman who is known as America’s Career Coach. Ken highlights the relationship between struggle and purpose, the secret to persistence, how the people you surround yourself with impact your success and the criticality of clarity of purpose and addressing the biggest obstacles in your way.

Episode 32: How to Make the Rest of Life the Best of Life with Dr. Jann Freed 

What kind of impact do you want to have throughout your life and career? In this episode, Mary talks with Dr. Jann Freed, a leadership development consultant, speaker and a professor of business management, about her concept of The Breadcrumb Legacy. They discuss how to reflect on and leave a meaningful legacy along the way throughout your daily life and career.