Career Accelerator

The world of work is changing in profound ways with many implications for what it takes to successfully navigate a career. This time of significant disruption allows us an opportunity to explore how to stay agile and relevant with new ways to navigate the career journey. The Career Accelerator workshop empowers you to take control of your career and reach your highest goals.

The Career Accelerator leverages the three pillars of
Modern Career success:

Foundation | Know

Develop a better understanding of your purpose, passions, and core values. Increase your self-awareness to bring your greatest gifts and most authentic self to your work and career.

Preparation | Grow

Explore the possibilities that match the unique you and learn how to continuously futureproof your experience and skills to stay relevant in an ever-changing, digital world. 

Acceleration | Flow

Actively move towards more career impact and fulfillment. Proactively plan your career, remove obstacles and increase your confidence to go for and get what you want.

Self-paced + interactive

The Career Accelerator is self-paced, so you can spend as much time as you like on each area to expand your knowledge, grow, and plan for now and the future. Mary Humiston will guide you through with information and insight in the form of videos, stories, and interactive exercises.

Expert + insider tips

Each area includes deep insights and activities based on insider HR and leadership knowledge about what it takes to succeed and advance. You can leverage this critical expertise now and throughout your entire career journey.

Modern Career guide

You will receive a downloadable Modern Career guide to capture insights and plans. The guide pulls together an overview that enables you to know yourself and what’s possible, grow in a focused way and proactively move towards your aspirations, making them happen.

With the Career Accelerator you will:

  • Build a foundation for your life and career 
  • Identify your greatest strengths, values, passions, and purpose
  • Enhance your resilience and work fulfillment
  • Learn to continuously evolve your skills for an ever-changing world
  • Shape your professional brand and transform your network
  • Pull it all together into a robust growth plan so you can achieve your ambitions

Mary Humiston, Founder of Modern Career

I am the Founder of Modern Career and a former Chief Human Resources Officer.  I have a 30+ HR leadership career at some of the world’s leading companies.  I have worked in the US, Europe and Asia. I most recently was the Chief Human Resources Officer for Rolls Royce Plc based in London.  I am also a Senior Advisor to Accenture on Talent and Organization. I created the Career Accelerator because I’m passionate about empowering individuals to discover and reach their aspirations and feel more fulfilled every day.

“Helping people reach their full human potential has been my passion throughout my entire career. I leverage my insider knowledge from 30 years of HR leadership experience to help you position yourself for success.”


Who is this workshop for?

The Career Accelerator can benefit anyone at any stage in their career. Whether you are thinking of advancing, pivoting, or reinventing your career, the Career Accelerator can empower you to take control.

How long will the Career Accelerator take?

The workshop is self-paced, so you can take it at your own pace. There are approximately 15 hours of content, including video and experiential exercises. You may choose to complete all areas now or come back to some later.

How long do I have access to the Career Accelerator?

You will have access to the Career Accelerator for six months. You can login to your account here during your access period to return to the course.

If you have any other questions, email us at