Explore various work, career, and life topics, stories of accomplished, influential, and interesting people, and essential resources for your career journey.

Kelly Close

Kelly Close followed her great passion and founded her own company- Close Concerns; a business focused on making everyone smarter about diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight-related conditions, in order to significantly impact this global health issue.

Mathew Jacob

Mathew Jacob is the Global Senior Organization Development Leader for Novartis. He shares with us his career story and highlights over the course of his 20+ years of experience.

Wendy Lam

Wendy Lam shares all that she’s learned in her 20+ years of experience throughout various leadership roles in product management, marketing, supply chain and advisory services.

Ingrid Boyes

Ingrid Boyes is a global CHRO, Biotech Executive and Board Member. She shares with us her career story and highlights over the course of her 30+ years of experience.

Ed Shugrue

Career story from Ed Shurgue of IBM with 30+ years of experience in many HR leadership roles across different Business Units in the US and Europe.

Managing Conflict

Liz is a management consultant, executive coach and frequent contributor to HBR and Forbes. Her TEDx “Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work and What You Can Do To Fix It” has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Amy Herman

Amy is a lawyer and art historian who uses works of art to sharpen observation, analysis, and communication skill

Chris Black

Career story from Christopher Black of KB Resource Group with 25+ years of business and HR operations and consulting experience.

Tony Black

Career story from Tony Black who spent twenty years with United Technologies, Otis Elevator Division, in global leadership roles.

Miriam Connaughton

Miriam Connaughton has led an international career in talent, employee experience, and leadership. She shares her career and life lessons and insights.

Suzan Barghash

Suzan Barghash shares all she’s learned in her global career and how she stayed open to the unexpected pivots along the way.

Charles Mah

Charles Mah shares all that he’s learned in his 15+ years of experience as an advisor, strategist, and senior talent leader.

Aseem Giri

Aseem Giri shares all that he’s learned in his 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, private equity investor and investment banker.

Dan Yaung

Dan Yaung’s career has spanned industries, and crossed functions and geographies. In his Career Story, he shares all that he had learned along the way.

Carlos Aguirre

Carlos Aguirre shares his career story and insights from his global career in HR leadership, including 18 years at Honeywell Inc.

Katherine Connolly

Katherine Connolly shares what she’s learned from working in politics and consulting, with NGOs, banks, and charities all over the world.

Mala Jairam

In this career story, Mala Jairam shares with us how she discovered and balances her life and career passions.

Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia Butler Pierre shares with us all that she’s learned throughout her career that spans chemical engineering and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Olivia Wang

Dr. Olivia Wang shares the philosphies and advice that has led her to pursue careers in education, financial planning, fundraising and writing.

Richard Taylor

In addition to his advice shared on the podcast, Richard Taylor give us some additional wisdom he’s learned throughout his own personal career path.

What Do You Want to be Known As?

We sat down with Michael Krauss to reflect on his 35 years of leadership and get his advice for thinking long-term about our careers and personal brands.

Executive Leadership

The Modern Career team has curated resources that we’ve found helpful for learning about and developing executive leadership skills.

Jana Rich

Jana Rich shares with us her years of experience in recruiting that ultimately led her to found her own mission-driven search firm.

Sandi Bragar

Sandi Bragar shares how she turned her interest in finance into a 20+ year career, ultimately becoming a Partner and Managing Director at Aspiriant.

Personal Finance

We’ve curated some resources – some that we noted in the podcast, and others that we’ve found useful when learning about and managing our own finances.

Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton explains how his passion for money turned into a financial career and some of the lessons he learned along the way.

Nicole Bohannon

We asked Nicole Bohannon to tell us about her career journey through politics, journalism, and global education and share what she learned along the way.

Personal Resilience

We’ve curated a list of additional resources around personal resilience mentioned on Episode 1 and recommended by experts and our team.

How to Build Your Personal Resilience

After the first Modern Career Podcast episode, Mary Humiston started measuring her own personal resilience and shares the tools she used for introspection.

How Your Insight Impacts Modern Career

Before the official launch of Modern Career, we reached out to over 100 professionals around the world to learn more about their most pressing questions about work and career.