Episode 19: Enhancing Leadership and Executive Presence In A Changing Environment with Anett Grant

In this episode, Mary connects with Anett Grant, Founder and CEO of Executive Speaking. The ability to project confidence and substance under pressure is a key career skill, and one that we should constantly be working on. During the episode, Mary and Anett discuss some of the top insights on developing a strong and authentic presence for current and emerging leaders, especially in multicultural, challenging, and virtual environments.

Anett Grant is the founder/CEO of Executive Speaking, and has been coaching leaders and emerging leaders for the past 40 years. She has coached CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, small business entrepreneurs, and every level in between. She has worked across nearly every industry in the business world and has tremendous global experience, coaching leaders whose first language is Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, and many more.

In addition to coaching, Anett has published over 100 articles in business publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Businessweek. Anett earned a Bachelors from McGill University, an MFA in Directing Theatre from the University of Minnesota, and has been a theatre critic.

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