Episode 16: Navigating Conflict Throughout Your Career with Liz Kislik

In this episode, Mary connects with Liz Kislik, a management consultant and executive coach. Conflict throughout our careers and lives is inevitable, but how we deal with it before, during, and after matters a lot to our relationships and career goals. During the episode, Mary and Liz discuss why there is so much conflict at work and some strategies for recovering from conflict, compromising, overcoming our own fears, and the unique situations that arise as we continue to work remotely.

Liz Kislik is a management consultant, executive coach, and frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Her TEDx “Why There’s So Much Conflict at Work and What You Can Do to Fix It” has been viewed more than 200,000 times. She specializes in developing high performing leaders and workforces, and for 30 years has helped Fortune 500 companies like American Express as well as non-profit and smaller businesses solve their thorniest problems.

Liz’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg and Businessweek.

She has taught at Hofstra University and New York University, and has presented in multiple highly rated appearances.  Liz received her BA from Yale University and earned an MBA from NYU.

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