Episode 12: Leadership Profile with Adam Bryant, Managing Director of Merryck

In our Leadership Profile series, Mary sits down with insightful and accomplished leaders from business, technology, and the media to discover their secrets to career success and fulfillment. Next in the series is Adam Bryant, Managing Director for Merryck and former columnist of “Corner Office” at The New York Times.

Adam Bryant joined Merryck & Co., an executive mentoring firm, as managing director in 2017 after a 30-year career in journalism, including 18 years at The New York Times. In addition to his many roles there as a reporter and editor, he created the weekly “Corner Office” column in 2009, interviewing 525 CEOs and other leaders over a decade, and wrote two books based on the themes that emerged from those interviews.  Since joining Merryck, he has started a popular interview series on LinkedIn with board directors, CEOs and CHROs, and writes a monthly column on leadership for Strategy+Business magazine. His next book, which he is writing with former Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer, is “THE CEO TEST:  Mastering the Challenges that Make or Break All Leaders,” and will be published in Marcy by Harvard Business Review Press. Adam also is the senior adviser to the Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership at Columbia University. 

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