Episode 7: Negotiate with Confidence to Get What You Want with Melissa Hereford

In this episode, Mary sits down with Melissa Hereford to discuss the most successful strategies for negotiating for what you want in your career. Mary and Melissa explore different techniques and negotiation situations in and outside of the workplace, inspiring you to negotiate with greater confidence throughout your career. 

Melissa Hereford is a facilitator, consultant, writer and business coach. She spent 23 years teaching corporate professionals how to have more authentic and connected conversations, to use their voice for change and show up in their lives with intention. She has created and customized programs with one outcome in mind: how to use conversations to get more of what you want while building stronger relationships.

Melissa spent 18 years teaching sales, procurement and internal team members how to negotiate more effectively with industry leader BayGroup International. She designed and delivered programs for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Owens Corning, Honeywell, UPS and many others.

In 2013, Melissa joined Corporate Visions as a Vice President where she created a sales enablement and onboarding program. Melissa provided sales performance coaching to over 60 sales professionals & business development reps nationwide, directly impacting their level of effectiveness in penetrating and growing market share.

Melissa currently facilitates in person and virtual training programs, coaches sales people and teaches corporate professionals to inspire and motivate others with industry leading companies such as VantagePoint Performance, Stand & Deliver and Corporate Visions. She also delivers her own content through a small group coaching program to help people embrace and leverage their natural collaboration skills to be better leaders.

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