Personal Resilience

We’ve curated a list of additional resources around personal resilience mentioned on Episode 1 and recommended by experts and our team.

2. Insight Timer App

“My favorite [meditation app] is called Insight Timer. It’s free, and you can just set a time, and when your meditation is over… regardless of the time you set, there’s just one beautiful chime of a bell at the end and then the music continues, so if you’re in your deep state, or you’re in a relaxed state, or you thought, ‘wow I could do this longer than I thought,’ the music will continue. It’s not like setting an alarm on your phone and jolting you out of that meditation.” -Tara Herrick Brown on Episode 1

3. Glo

“I use Glo to do yoga almost daily. There is a wide variety of classes for all levels and time commitments.” –Hayley, Modern Career Operations Manager

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