Episode 1: Staying Resilient in Challenging Times with Tara Herrick Brown and David Giannini

In the first episode, we’re exploring resilience: what it is, and why it matters, especially during the uncertain times we’re facing today. During her career as a top Human Resources executive, Mary has worked in companies that all went through turbulent times and transformations, where resilience was critical. She uses her experience to facilitate a conversation with two guests: Tara Herrick Brown and David Giannini.

Tara Herrick Brown

Tara is a writer, speaker and teaches on various aspects of mindfulness as it relates to one’s health and wellbeing. She holds a Master’s degree in psychology from Portland State University and has conducted research at National University of Natural Medicine. She has particular expertise in the impact of emotional wellness on resiliency in life and work and currently resides in NY. You can find more of her work at inur.com.

David Giannini

David is a personal fitness and nutrition coach and trainer at Equinox in LA. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with specializations in Corrective Exercise and Nutrition. He has a background in teaching martial arts and yoga which he uses to promote functional movement and sustained strength. David has a BFA from DePaul University.

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

For more resources, see our Pointers for Personal Resilience!

3 thoughts on “Episode 1: Staying Resilient in Challenging Times with Tara Herrick Brown and David Giannini

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic communication. This forty-minute podcast provided a comprehensive explanation of resilience and its importance in grounding ourselves as individuals to allow improved focus for our efforts and intentions. I totally agree that we exist as multi-faceted beings and balancing our needs (physical, emotional and relationship) is crucial in achieving success in all areas of our lives. Looking forward to future sessions!

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